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  1. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 22:07 / 2 edits
    I'm going to just fill this thread with one post after another with hypocritical things Republicans have said. I'm tired of saying over and over that Reps are hypocrites; I'd rather just show it. So I will constantly update this thread with a new hypocritical statement from a Republican.

    Now, we all know that out of sheer spite and shame, some conservatives will try to Google some Dems and "foil" this thread. If it makes you Reps feel better, fine; but you need to see the sheer volume of the hypocrisy from you fellow conservatives. Here we go.
  2. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 22:13 / 1 edit

    “When you are given immunity, that means you probably committed a crime,” ---Mike Flynn, a few months before asking for immunity from prosecution.
  3. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 22:17

    Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who blocked Obama SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland, complained to reporters and claimed that the American people would not tolerate Democrats blocking Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. (and a video of it in the link)
  4. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 22:21

    "Though nearly all the Republicans had happily supported a stimulus package put forward by the Bush administration in January 2008 to give a boost to the economy, in the face of the worst economic crisis in eighty years they stood firm against the Obama administration’s stimulus plan."
  5. 02 Apr '17 22:28
    Repealing Obamacare was one of the reasons many people reluctantly voted for Mr.Trump.
  6. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 22:47 / 1 edit

    Trump Tweeted:

    The habitual vacationer, @BarackObama, is now in Hawaii. This vacation is costing taxpayers $4 milion +++

    “President @BarackObama's vacation is costing taxpayers millions of dollars——Unbelievable!”

    Trump used, in taxpayer money, almost as much as Obama did a the span of one month.

    Trump's tweet regarding Michelle Obama:

    “With 15% US real unemployment and a 16T debt, @Michelle Obama's luxurious Aspen vacation - her 16th - cost us over $1M.”

    "It reportedly costs the New York Police Department between $127,000 and $146,000 a day to protect the first lady and her son [while they live in New York City], and the Secret Service last month requested an additional $60 million in funding to protect the president and his family."
  7. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 22:54

    Trump calls the electoral college a "disaster for democracy" after believing it helped Obama win against Romney (Obama also won the popular vote). He then called the electoral college "genius" after it helped him win an election where he lost the popular vote.
  8. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 22:58
    I'm staying away from Trump statements now, since I could spend years posting all of his hypocritical statements.
  9. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 23:04

    Rachael Maddow lists a slew of hypocritical moves from Republicans. They claim "obstructionism" when:

    Republicans proposed a deficit commission, and then were against when Obama endorsed it. The list goes on for a long time, of Republicans changing their stances on issues just because Obama supported it.
  10. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 23:07 / 1 edit

    GOP leader Steven Curtis said "only Democrats committed voter fraud". Now he’s charged with voter fraud.
  11. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 23:16

    Between 2003 and 2009, the Bush White House “lost” 22 million emails.

    Like Clinton, the Bush White House used a private email server—its was owned by the Republican National Committee. And the Bush administration failed to store its emails, as required by law, and then refused to comply with a congressional subpoena seeking some of those emails.

    Where were the Republicans bitching about Hillary's 33,000 deleted emails when Bush "lost" 22 MILLION? Where were all the hysterical Republicans when Bush used a private email server (and one that was being investigated as being used to hide transpancy)?
  12. Standard member vivify
    02 Apr '17 23:38 / 2 edits
    YouTube : Republicans Blast Pope

    After decades of shoving their religious beliefs into the U.S. political system with being anti-abortion, and passing laws to teach creationism in schools and put "warning stickers" on evolution text books (along with their crusade against gay marriage and trying to legalize discrimination against them)....they have the gall to say things like "the Pope's job is not to tell the governments how to spend money".


    And don't forget: Republicans didn't complain about the hypocrisy of making exceptions for Christians when Trump first issued travel bans on predominantly Muslim nations. Yet, when the Pope happens to have liberal views, the religious leader of Catholicism needs to shut the hell up about government.
  13. Standard member vivify
    03 Apr '17 00:39
    Jesus (and other biblical figures) have socialist views; yet they complain about any form of socialism as bring evil.
  14. Standard member vivify
    03 Apr '17 00:40
    This thread will never die.
  15. Standard member vivify
    03 Apr '17 01:37

    Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) on Thursday said President Obama is the most “racially divisive” president America has seen since slavery was abolished.

    Yet, this guy voted for Donald Trump, a man called Mexican immigrants "rapists", called for a Muslim ban multiples times and spread grossly exaggerated misinformation about blacks being murderers, even after he was corrected about it....who was also endorsed by the KKK, multiple times, including being on the front page of their newspaper.