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  1. 01 Dec '17 20:29
    Originally posted by @divegeester
    I think there may be something in this. If we take a BIG step back and look at his behaviour we have to acknowledge that it’s strange. I mean strange in the benign sense of the word i.e. he seems to be partly out of control of his own thoughts. It’s not enough to say he is just thick, he hasn’t behaved like an unintelligent man for most of his life, he’ ...[text shortened]... .I’m not trying to excuse him of anything. Jeez I need to put clauses in my posts these days 🙂
    Donald Trump was never intelligent - if you read any of his statements or hear him speak from, say, the 80s or 90s, he was also a complete tosser. The difference is: back then, he was a coherent tosser.
  2. Standard member wolfgang59
    01 Dec '17 20:55
    Impeach him.
    The Founders made provision for an incompetent President to be sacked.
    Use it.
    He doesn't have to have done anything illegal, just be bad at his job.
    And he has shown that.