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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    19 Nov '18 19:212 edits

    "We've settled on a shallow conception of democracy. And that's dangerous.
    Our conception of democracy should put the focus not on the
    ballot box or the ticker tape, but on the quality of citizens’ lives."
    --Tim Wu (professor of law at Columbia University)

    "Over the last several decades, many in the west have come to accept a
    remarkably narrow concept of what the economy and a democracy are for.
    The economy exists to make us rich, or at least pay the bills.
    It’s thought to be working when the stock market and the GDP rise.
    Democracy is voting for someone who is “on your side”.
    The two are linked when you vote for someone who promises to
    make you rich, or at least cut your taxes."

    People don't vote only for their perceived economic interests.
    Many people vote for politicians who promise to harm or destroy people whom they hate.

    In the USA, the Republican Party, led by President Trump, seems to be
    evolving into the party of white identity (or nationalism) politics more
    than the traditional party of free trade or economic deregulation.
  2. Joined
    18 Jan '07
    20 Nov '18 10:51
    @duchess64 said

    "We've settled on a shallow conception of democracy.
    Don't fool yourself. In the Anglosphere, you haven't settled on democracy at all. Mother England and bully daughter USA alike, you're clinging to oligarchy, middle-class chatterati like you more even than the oligarchs themselves.