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  1. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    27 Nov '12 23:12

    I just found some references to something I didn't even know about, Salvation Army is as homophobic as any KKK organization, saying gay's should be put to death! This is hard to believe.

    I used to give to the S A all the time and that is in the past now and I am not even gay.

    Chick fil A nor SA will hire anyone who even LOOKS gay, doesn't matter if you actually ARE gay, just look butch or fem.

    I was listening to a talk radio show where one gay dude down on his luck went to a SA hostel and I guess the dude was a bit on the fem side and they asked him if he was gay and he said yes.

    Oh, we can't help you here, you will have to leave.

    I never knew there was such discrimination right in front of our faces.

    This is as bad for gays as it was for blacks in the south 50 years ago.

    I remember even in my town, Escondido California, when I was a kid, it was If you're brown better turn around, and all blacks and browns better be out of town by 5 PM.

    I knew my folks were prejudiced, mom and pop both, one day when I was maybe 14, my dad, divorced, had me out on a visit day, we went to a local greasy spoon, and I put a dime in the juke box, played a song, Oh yes, I'm the great Pretender, by the Platters. He says, You like that Nig* Shyte? Unquote. I vowed to myself I would never be like that. Now I have an international family, literally and proud of it.