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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. 01 Dec '17 18:34
    Why is it that Dims now appear to be pressuring Conyers to step down and not Al Franken?

    Are they racists?
  2. 06 Dec '17 20:04 / 1 edit

    Well it looks like Conyers was forced out.

    The reason?

    You guessed it, racism.

    Franken and company, however, are as good as gold.
  3. 06 Dec '17 20:22
    Looks like Franken has another accuser.

    He is scheduled to make an announcement tomorrow.
  4. 06 Dec '17 20:25
    He's toast.
  5. Standard member vivify
    06 Dec '17 21:12
    Originally posted by @kquinn909
    He's toast.
    Boy, does he have egg on his face. The media's gonna milk this for all it's worth. It's absolutely bananas.