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    02 Jan '06
    11 Sep '19 10:121 edit
    @duchess64 said

    "Why the left should argue for more immigration – but not open borders
    The US needs more immigrants to maintain current levels of economic
    growth and welfare provision – but that doesn’t mean unlimited migration."

    "A more plausible objection concerns immigration’s distributive effec ...[text shortened]... make sure that the
    aggregate benefits of immigration are shared fairly within society as a whole."
    The Left is too scared to make such an argument. It is far easier just to call anyone who opposes open borders as a bigot. In fact, they have about half the support of the country making such arguments, so why change now?

    The added bonus is, open borders also allows in law breakers, such as MS 13, which further pushes the narrative for the need for a police state and less freedom for US citizens. For example with each successive "shooting" provides more fodder for the argument of confiscating all guns from the populace.
  2. Germany
    27 Oct '08
    11 Sep '19 18:25
    @divegeester said
    Nor will you.

    The ‘open borders’ ship sailed a long long time ago in our civilisation. Maybe a global epidemic or nuclear holocaust is your best hope of achieving your version of utopia.
    The same thing was once said about the institutionalized racism ship, the gender equality ship, the gay marriage ship, etc. etc.
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