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  1. Behind the scenes
    27 Jun '16
    30 Aug '16 18:00
    In a few months this long awaited general election will be over. I sincerely wish the following for the next administration (whoever wins)

    * The Supreme Court overturns Citizens United and gets big money out of politics

    * The Senate votes on and installs a much needed Supreme Court justice

    * Opposing political party's stop stalling in voting on judicial appointees for partisan reasons

    * Conservatives and Liberals begin to realize they have a a great deal in common, and stop listening to their respective media outlets who's sole desire is to boost their ratings by branding the other side as "the enemy"

    * America finds a way to shorten the campaign season, in both the general and midterm elections. 4-5 months is plenty of time for any candidate to get their message out.

    * Americans begin to realize that our legislative process has functioned for over 200 years by both political party's working together to craft's called compromise. Compromise is not a dirty word. Compromise is the only thing that will solve the government gridlock we now face today.

    Now...I highly doubt any of these things will actually happen, but they are nice to think about. 🙂

    ::Transmitted from the owner of 2 recently acquired kittens::