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  1. Subscribersonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    04 Oct '17 21:36
    Originally posted by @freakykbh
    He ain't ignorant!
    His clairvoyance is so strong, it has a reverse flow, too.
    He knows that we know what he means, so he doesn't bother with such pedestrian pains as clarity or concision require.
    In other words, you thought that was how it was spelled also.
  2. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    04 Oct '17 21:421 edit
    Originally posted by @duchess64 to KazetNagorra
    New lyrics added to the song 'America' from the musical 'West Side Story', eh?
    Where could Donald Trump be situated *if he had to be* a character in 'West Side Story'?

    I cannot imagine him as a member of the Jets (working-class whites) or Sharks (Puerto Rican immigrants).
    If Donald Trump were a high school student *still in* New York City (as opposed to the
    New York Military Academy, a private boarding school outside the city), then he presumably
    would have attended a posh (all-white) private school (with deeply sexist attitudes).

    So how could Donald Trump have come into contact with any of the other characters?
    Perhaps his family employed some Puerto Rican immigrants as domestic workers (maids),
    who happen to be related to Maria (the heroine). Full of his sense of youthful rich white
    male entitlement, Donald Trump makes advances to Maria, and when she refuses him,
    he rapes her. He threatens to use his family's influence to have her family deported if
    she goes to the police, which she is disinclined to do anyway. (A poor Latina girl would
    have had about no chance against a rich white boy at a rape trial in the 1950s.)

    Maria attempts to conceal what has happened to her, but Bernardo (her brother) discovers it,
    and with Anita's help, the identity of Maria's rapist. Burning with rage, Bernardo leads the
    Sharks in an impulsive ill-fated attempt at revenge against the well-guarded Donald Trump,
    which results in Bernardo being killed and the other Sharks being arrested and jailed.
    Maria is heartbroken. In her distress, she pours her heart out to Tony, her white boyfriend.
    Tony resolves to succeed where Bernardo had failed. Donald Trump and his family don't
    anticipate that any young white man could love Maria and yearn to see her rapist punished.
    Without arousing suspicion, Tony can get closer than Bernardo could to Donald Trump.

    So the musical closes with a dramatic confrontation between Tony and Donald Trump.
    Will Tony kill Donald Trump? Will Maria be able to reach Tony in time to prevent him
    from killing Donald Trump and then be killed himself or arrested and charged with murder?
    Will Maria and Tony find a place of peace for themselves Somewhere, while Donald Trump's
    free to continue his career path of sexually assaulting women and being rich and powerful?
  3. Subscriberno1marauder
    Humble and Kind
    In the Gazette
    22 Jun '04
    04 Oct '17 21:59
    Originally posted by @finnegan
    You seem unaware that there were powerful reasons to decline to support Clinton, despite the advantages this gave to Trump.

    Even before Clinton secured the Democrat nomination by methods that were overtly, publicly, shamelessly corrupt, it was common knowledge that she has never in her career entered a race in which her support grew instead of shrinki ...[text shortened]... y a doomed strategy in any election, but there is a limit to what that can achieve all the same.
    I agree with most of this though I don't think the Clinton campaign was particularly "corrupt"; anybody with any political knowledge knew that the DNC preferred her to Sanders and the steps they did to help her were fairly minor. In the end, she got the nomination because she got more votes than Sanders; if the reverse had been true, Sanders would have surely gotten the nomination, "corruption" or otherwise.
  4. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    05 Oct '17 00:141 edit
    Originally posted by @kazetnagorra
    This [Puerto Rico] is an island, surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water.

    Inspiring. This will go down alongside I have a dream, I suspect.
    How can you be so sure that Donald Trump was not talking about Nambia again?
  5. Subscribersonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    05 Oct '17 14:29
    Originally posted by @freakykbh
    I dont know that a group of people can be as dense as the lot of you.

    I don't support Trump in the sense that "he's my guy."
    As with every president since Reagan, I support the president with a prayer they'll do the right thing.
    And, regardless the tie, they all lie.
    They are ALL on the same team.

    Even still, truth is truth.
    The media couldn't ...[text shortened]... uth, laughing my donkey off at the idiots who think this all means something.
    Shaking my head.
    No, the press doesn't have to try to make him look like an idiot. He does that quite well all by himself.
  6. Subscribersonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    05 Oct '17 14:31
    Originally posted by @soothfast
    He's talking to his base, so what do you expect?

    While I still esteem the oratory of George W. Bush as being that of a gibbering gibbon at even the best of times, he is a Winston Churchill compared to the Orange Orangutan.
    Hey, don't go around denigrating Orangutans.....
  7. Shav’s kitchen
    16 Feb '08
    08 Oct '17 17:52
    Originally posted by @duchess64
    The lying troll Divegeester keeps pretending that he *consistently opposes* Donald Trump
    when, in fact, he must approve of Donald Trump's zealous support of Brexit, which seems
    to be the issue held dearest by Divegeester. I can quote Divegeester extolling Brexit
    as supposedly the most wonderful event in UK history for many years (even centuries).

    ...[text shortened]... critical
    Divegeester (a fanatical supporter of Brexit) would *not* have voted for Donald Trump?
    Calm down mate, you sound like a girl.
  8. Joined
    26 Dec '14
    08 Oct '17 17:58
    Originally posted by @divegeester
    Calm down mate, you sound like a girl.
    "Lying troll Divegeester".

    Has a nice ring to it. 🙂
  9. Germany
    27 Oct '08
    08 Oct '17 20:40
    I think one of the greatest of all terms I’ve come up with is ‘fake.’ I guess other people have used it, perhaps, over the years, but I’ve never noticed it.

    What a language innovator!
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