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  1. 28 May '13 20:27
    You may be a Republican if..................

    you think Arnold Schwartzenegger's movie characters are real.

    You are a gun nut.
    You are white, over 50 and still call black people "Boy".
    You are either poorly educated or just depend on daddy's money.
    You don't own a passport.
    You have never been outside the United States.
    You would find it hard to point out other countries on a map.
    You are in league with big business instead of representing your own people
    You think Ireland is a place in Britain.
    You think the Irish still live in quaint thatched whitewashed cottages.
    You would not know any other language at all apart from English.
    You can't tell the difference between a Jew and a Palestinian.
    You think Donald Trumps hair is real.
    You think Africa is a country and not a continent.
    You think the best choice for your president is someone who
    is a cross between Arnie, Stallone, Chuck Norris and Billy Graham.
    Bible in one hand and a Colt .45 1911 in the other.
  2. Standard member vivify
    28 May '13 21:43
    You may be a Republican if...

    You refer to some people as "colored"
    Your mistress sends your wife get-well cards before they pull the plug
    You refer to decades of exhaustive, pear-reviewed science as "lies"
    You think Irish, Scotish, British and German members are signs of diversity
  3. Subscriber Sleepyguy
    Reepy Rastardly Guy
    28 May '13 21:50 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by johnnylongwoody
    You may be a Republican if..................
    You think Donald Trumps hair is real.
    Trump's hair is real.
  4. 29 May '13 00:05
    Originally posted by Sleepyguy
    Trump's hair is real.
    Statement from the Anti Trump League.

    We wish to unreservedly apologize to Donald Trump
    for remarks made about his hair. We do now accept
    that Donald Trumps hair is his own and we now know
    this to be true.

    We know it to be true because we have seen the sales receipt.
  5. 29 May '13 04:30
    You might be a Republican if.....

    You spend most of your time fighting conservatives than democrats.
    You think that "W" was really a good President....well....sort of.
    You actually think that Hillary can be stopped in 2016. LOL.
    You think that the country will still be here in 2016.
    You can't decide on how to become more like the democrat party, but know you must.
    You love big government, but are ashamed to admit it.
    Even though you are not personally running for office, you are still projected as being a loser.
  6. 29 May '13 05:14
    All very good lists.
  7. 29 May '13 05:34
    In view of the fact that RINO's (and their few Republican supporters) are getting "primaried out", the Republican Party has become the American Taliban.

    The typical Republican:
    -ideological purity
    -compromise as weakness
    -a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism
    -denying science
    -unmoved by facts
    -undeterred by new information
    -a hostile fear of progress
    -a demonization of education
    -a need to control women’s bodies
    -severe xenophobia
    -tribal mentality
    -intolerance of dissent
    -a pathological hatred of the U.S. government.

    (I had the help of Aaron Sorkin)
  8. 31 May '13 01:04
    You might be a republican if:

    Your answer to any international crisis involves the words glass parking lot.
    You believe that the rich are all about trickle down theory.
    You place Rush Limbaugh second only to Christ.
    You believe the Chuck Norris jokes are reality.
    You believe Fox News is gospel.
    You are still in disbelief that people fell for the Clinton "but I didn't inhale" lie.
    You think Matthew Shepard must have been hitting on the killers.
    You believe that if you pray hard enough and give 10% to the church, god will make you wealthy.
    You believe God cares more about your financial situation than he does children with leukemia.
    You sit in a drunken state badmouthing the dope smokers.