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Developers Forum

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iPad native app?212 Aug '12 14:39ArmisteadSwissGambit
Android/Iphone application509 Aug '12 17:55hany3Armistead
brilliancy dept.204 Mar '12 15:26bruce coburnShallow Blue
Failure to authenticate on some Android devices401 Mar '12 01:08hzuluagahzuluaga
vote chess106 Jan '12 18:31jrgoyjrgoy
game developeing106 Jan '12 18:25jrgoyjrgoy
Updates to the Android App?303 Dec '11 22:55hany3kurmiukas
Chat Feature228 Oct '11 00:40GodofWhiskeymegamaster
iPad2 App ?111 Oct '11 11:15UncleBucketUncleBucket
Iphone App125 Sep '11 23:33MrVarnellMrVarnell
Full games database226 Aug '11 18:39KrustyKrabstadjak
PGN Automatically emailed upon game completion219 Jul '11 21:37stadjakstadjak
iPhone App530 May '11 14:00PhaedrusEthan Toler
No rating points option for claiming skulls.120 Apr '11 04:17stretchkiwistretchkiwi
RHP addon in Firefox 4224 Mar '11 18:38Kefirouroboros
Firefox Extension120 Jan '11 15:19ouroborosouroboros
before edits217 Jan '11 14:35tomtom232lausey
Clan ladders211 Dec '10 19:17Agurcoquette
Chess@Work Notifier for Google Chrome801 Dec '10 19:40MdkartGixxer
stats by ECO108 Nov '10 16:57mattbryantmattbryant
Email notifications setting per game131 Oct '10 07:08elios123elios123
Iphone developments231 Oct '10 00:26Kings GambitGreat Big Stees
Request for minor (simple?) addition to display213 Oct '10 00:11Ellis DeeEllis Dee
Android app711 Sep '10 09:18Andy Dsjmart1uk
Request for help from SysAdmin523 Aug '10 23:06sjmart1ukDaemon Sin
Iphone client1014 Aug '10 22:19ksondeyTychoo
Request for change to gameswaitingcount_xml117 Jun '10 21:04nicky0nicky0
Low spec PC simulator210 May '10 18:12lauseyJimmyLeBond
APIs / XML Access Points712 Apr '10 03:52tomasinoarcee123
Windows mobile206 Apr '10 17:49reydoogreydoog