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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. Standard member cludi
    06 Nov '04 16:48
    I've spent some time trying to make life a little easier for those clans running a website. The result of my efforts can be seen, and tried out, on
    I would appreciate your comments...
    This is posted in both clan and developers forums...
  2. Standard member Hegemon
    A Lost Bobby
    26 Nov '04 10:51
    I had a look and it is vgood. Possible inclusion could be an internal clan ranking system (eg 5pts = scum, 10pts = apprentice, etc..) the formula based on clan loyalty and points won for clan.

    My problem is that I want to work with PHP rather than asp...

    keep up the good work mate
  3. Standard member Hegemon
    A Lost Bobby
    26 Nov '04 11:52
    I think I have just taken the challenge up of trying to convert this to PHP... I will let you know how I go..
  4. Standard member cludi
    26 Nov '04 20:59
    Originally posted by Hegemon
    I think I have just taken the challenge up of trying to convert this to PHP... I will let you know how I go..
    Good luck and please keep me updated on any progress...
  5. Standard member Hegemon
    A Lost Bobby
    05 Dec '04 02:37
    I've started working on it and currently have working a very rough code which does the following:

    1) allows data-entry into database
    2) allows edit of data
    3) performs a simple search for data and outputs to a table which provides links to RHP
    4) Performs an automatic update routine to update dependent fields, recalculate the points* each member has and recalculate rating.

    It uses two tables, one for the main data-set and another for "ranking" descriptions with points ranges

    The main data-set allows various types:
    a) clan members (current and past) (links to members profile)
    b) clan challenges (links to the challenging clan and the clan challenge screen)
    c) specific games ( links to game challenge screen)

    Next stages:
    a) set the tables and code up to handle clan leagues!!
    b) clean up the code and make it look a bit prettier on-screen
    c) set-up the config file so that the files will work on any site.
    d) make a simple create table routine so that other developers can set the tables up easily.

    at which point i think v1 will be done... fun!

    * The formula for internal clan points is currently:

    months * 3 * Log10(1+played/months) + (3*wins + draws)/3

    where months is months in the clan. The formula takes into account clan loyalty by rewarding long term membership so long as they continue to play clan challenges for the clan on a reasonably regular basis. But they also get points for winning. The logorithmic just gives diminishing returns to someone playing a hundred games in a month

    I need to update the formula for the leagues now as well..
  6. Standard member Hegemon
    A Lost Bobby
    19 Dec '04 22:26
    Cludi, (and anyone that is interested in this),

    OK, version one is up and running:

    username = test
    password = test

    to access the administrative functions you need to log-in. However, I have disabled all save functions by just removing the files so it will come up with cannot find page. Also, I won't leave it like this for long. You will be able to Auto-Update... that's fine.

    It is not as comprehensive as Cludi's, which is great! Some areas I won't even try and cover though.. a bit too detailed for a busy clan leader.

    I haven't spent much time on output so the next stage is to set up pages showing the stats of the clan challenges, members, leagues in detail.

    I appreciate all comments and suggestions, and once I have added a bit more functionality, if there is interest, I will publish the code.

    Note that I am not a programmer/web-developer or anything like that, just a sad git (accountant actually) that thought it might be an interesting project. Actually, if I publish the code, you will understand why I am not a programmer/web-designer