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Developers Forum

  1. Standard member Lighterthief
    <-==KrayZee fOOl==->
    23 Jul '04 18:47
    Hey guyz

    I'm a noobie on the site and i gotta say its great, i'm hooked its slowly eating up my working life :

    It must have taken a while to code, but thats another thread i guess

    Anyway i've got a couple of suggestions, I hope i'm not being too cheeky but i figured some constructive feedback is always good........

    So when you're analyzing a game it would be handy if the board could be flipped 180 degrees, so you can see the game from the opponants perspective, i guess this wouldn't be as useful for the more experianced players, but for us newbies it would be pretty handyl

    The other thought i had was an auto-refresh on the my games page. I'm wearing out my F5 button I guess this would be a bit of a pain for the dialup users though..... maybe not such a hot idea

    Anyway just some friday thoughts