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Developers Forum

  1. 06 Feb '07 19:17 / 1 edit
    This is just a game status checking tool, a check mate.

    No GreaseMonkey scripts integration, no nothing. Just plain and simple pending game notification.
    Also, the game status notified changes upon piece movement. And the options dialog it's just one right click away.

    I finally got the memory leaks fixed and everything working asynchronously too, so it's already on the AMO approval queue too. Oh, and it's translated (not that it has many messages, but...).
  2. Standard member SPDChess
    Chess Monk
    07 Feb '07 15:47
    Heya tnarik , thanks for the add-on. Been using it for a coupla days now and do like, wonder if I could ask for an ER though.

    99 time out 100 I have clicking on link etc.. opening a new tab. However for your add-on I would like it to open the currently active tab. Would that be something to add under options?

  3. Standard member SPDChess
    Chess Monk
    07 Feb '07 16:16
    Ah.. never mind. Just downloaded and installed latest version and I see it is doing that already.