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Developers Forum

  1. 18 Sep '03 05:31
    I think it'd be safe for ya;ll to add safari to the browser support list. I've used nothing but it since I signed up and haven't run into any problems so far.

    In case you don't know what safari is. (ie: don't have a mac) its the browser from apple. An important one; since MS announced no new versions of IE for mac.
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    03 Oct '03 19:04
    Thanks for letting me know. I can't add the icon to the front page, as I am unable to test on Safari - but I'm very pleased it does work!

    To be honest, if it works now, anything I write it the future is unlikely to break.

  3. Standard member thire
    06 Oct '03 08:59
    ...and for all Unix users:
    Konqueror is also okay. I did not test everything, but so far it works very fine!
    just when I move the squares are not light green when I move the piece with my mouse.

    to know more about the browser visit

  4. Standard member gregoftheweb
    The Great Gonzo
    06 Oct '03 16:56
    Russ, maybe you could add a second level of confirmation. Say a "users" confirmation of functionality. Just a thought.