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  1. Standard member Evil Pawn 666
    Soul Taker
    02 Nov '08 05:00
    PleASE HELP ME. mY PAST GAMES ARE SLOWING MY COMPUTER TO A CRAWL. i AM COMP. DUMB! i ONLY KNOW ENOUGH TO PLAY MY CHESS GAMES. wILL SOMEONE GIVE ME A CHILD STEP BY STEP FORMULA. i RUN A windows XP program. (The caps was an accident) I would really appreciate any help. Thank you for any help.
  2. 11 Nov '08 11:04 / 2 edits
    Hi evil pawn.

    My best suggestion would be for you to get a computer savvy persona out to your computer to have a look at whats going on, or alternatively take your computer to a store or facility that can render this service.

    Allthough not impossible (but very painful), the magnitude of possible reasons for your computer causing it to act in that way is just too many to use this chess forum board as an interface to find a solution.

    Good luck.