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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. 10 May '04 16:49
    Why, when creating games, are apostrophes escaped with a backslash and not replaced with an HTML code (&aposs? That way they would look normal but you would still be safe from hackers.

    Just a littl epoint, but it does bug me a bit.

  2. 10 May '04 18:48
    Also, the timezones take no account of British summer time.
  3. 10 May '04 19:24
    The apstrohpes has something to do with the addslashes() function of PHP IMHO. Somewhere there is a addslashes() too many or a stripslashes() too few.

    The server runs on GMT, which is always British winter time. So you'll have to update your timezone settings yourself.
    Funny that Greenwich is now not in Greenwich main time