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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. 12 Oct '12 03:59
    Thank you to the person/ people who developed the App!

    Is there any progress / plan to develop the android app?
    Top app market comments / suggestions:

    1) Start new games / View open Invites
    2) View game during opponents move
    - Currently, can only view games w/ my move pending -

    Any hope / help.... I'm uh, not a developer so sadly all I
    can do is ask for help.

  2. 30 Oct '12 07:00
    Lots of people have asked about it, I hope Russ (admin/app developer) won't mind if I quote his recent email reply to my inquiries about the poor state of Android app and lack of development:

    "....right now we are desperately trying to get the web site up to current standards. Once done, our attention can return to secondary projects, like the android client.

    We know, its been a long time...!


    Until that happens, I personally have switched most of my games to Chesspresso, Android app on my phone is how I play chess.