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Developers Forum

  1. 05 Sep '07 13:50
    Some of these flags are interesting but I don't want to see the list of users or interrupt my game, I just want to know what country the flag represents. A simple: AlternateText="CountryName", should do the trick (ASP) or Title="CountryName" in HTML/PHP.
  2. 07 Sep '07 23:01
    I agree with this suggestion as well, I had to print out a list of flags so that I knew who was playing from where.
  3. Subscriber Peakite On Vacation
    13 Sep '07 05:56
    For features actually contained within RHP itself, you want to put this in the suggestions forum, or add your voice to the thread already there.

    However, a third party script does actually show this. If you are using Firefox, get Greasemonkey (if you haven't already) and have a browse through Ouroboros' scripts.