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Developers Forum

  1. 30 Jul '08 19:44
    I have the Greasmonkey Forum script enabled, which I think should make every thread in the thread list that I didn;t read yet bold, and the ones I posted in with a red dot next it, and the ones I posted in and have recieved a reply should have a green dot next to it.

    However, now all I see is the everything in the "last post" column in bold, and even when I read a thread it still looks like its unread when I go back to the thread list. Also, Whenver I post none of the red dots appear next to the thread title.

    All my other scripts I have enabled seem to be working just fine.

    So is there some new updated script, or is something just wrong with greasmonkey?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Subscriber ouroboros
    Digital Alchemist
    30 Jul '08 22:15
    There has been an update but awhile ago.