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  1. Standard member StrayJay
    I'm like a nerd
    17 Nov '03 03:22 / 3 edits
    A "for nerds eyes only" joke:

    If this one ever makes it into the hall of fame (like that one of Bill Gates as a Borg, as used on Slashdot) I'd like to take credit for it.

    Obviously, I think it's pretty funny; your mileage may vary.
  2. Standard member StrayJay
    I'm like a nerd
    18 Nov '03 04:12
    Hmmm... Maybe it wasn't so funny after all. My best friend thought it was 'lame'.

    The disappointments I have to face... <sigh>
  3. Standard member gregoftheweb
    The Great Gonzo
    18 Nov '03 17:36
    I guess I need it explained.

    Are you talking about microsoft as a company? or COM as in component object model used in middle tier programming. And by aggregated do you mean by a news reader or something to do with aquisition?
  4. Standard member StrayJay
    I'm like a nerd
    18 Nov '03 19:29
    The lollipops (or plug-in jacks) on the sides of the picture are commonly used in COM to show what interfaces a COM-component supports: the capital-i in IUnknown, ITwin1 and ITwin2 are short for 'interface'. IUnknown is an interface that any COM object has to implement --by definition, without it it's not a COM-component. That is why IUnknown is shown separately from the others. Often it's left out of the picture entirely.

    A component can consist of any number of sub-components. Combining components in a new component can be done in two ways: through containment (a.k.a. delegation) and aggregation. If you want to know the difference, let me know and I'll explain, but it's not relevant to the 'joke'.

    Question: is a joke still a joke when it doesn't make anyone laugh?
  5. 23 Nov '03 12:38
    I think it's funny!

    Dutch humour rulezzz...!