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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. 27 Jan '07 20:00
    It seems like it'd be really cool to be able to run RHP through a widget under Mac OS X. Is there anything like this? I've only found some posts from the middle of last year thinking about it.

  2. Subscriber gregaj
    Grega Jesih
    27 Jan '07 22:34
    Just a comment... I'm searching for a perfect portable to be able to play chess at home. On the way I found iPhone announcement.. amazing, but wait until it comes. Original StJobs, as always.
    I expect X os will support java, so.. I expect it to support rhp at least to the mobile part..

  3. 26 Jul '07 09:38
    I started playing chess on this website because it runs so smoothly on my iPhone. My only complaint is that the game analysis board doesn't have bigger buttons for clicking through turns. If an iPhone app could be made for this site, the interface could be very slick. Catering to iPhone users could bring in new subscriptions. Just a thought.