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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. 27 Oct '04 23:57
    how about when the game is over, becuase it would be liek cheating the game is still goign on and you use this, you cna look to see where you made mistakes and it tells you why it was a bad move,( I think this will help people's rating's go up) that way we learn form our mistakes, (Isn't that what chess is about?)

    Maybe we should have to earn it like win a tournament game or somehting.

    WHat does everyone else think?
  2. 10 Nov '04 19:03
    What do you mean? You can allready replay games to see where you went wrong, even while the game is still going on.
  3. 23 Jan '05 02:56
    Speaking as a fairly poor player, I don't trust myself to find the "best" mistakes in my game. I think it's a good exercise to go over them without assistance, but in the end I have much to learn before I can spot my many problems.

    What I've been doing is to grab the PGN and bring it into Chessmaster 10 and let it do an anlysis of the game with a 20-30 second thought time per move. It's given me some pretty darned good gotchas that I would have missed going over the game myself.

    My $0.02