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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. Standard member thire
    28 Jan '05 10:48
    I just created my first Mozilla plugin. It helps you search games at RHP...
    See more here:
    Send me feedback,
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    28 Jan '05 11:28
    I have it installed, but I am not getting any useful results. It looks like a good start though!
  3. Standard member thire
    28 Jan '05 12:03 / 1 edit
    oups, sorry...
    how could I be so stupid and post here before testing
    fixed this and it should work now
    But the 16x16 px logo is still very ugly...

    ps: what does it do? it just helps you find a game, when you just know the gameid...