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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. 26 Dec '07 19:50
    Can you please add a link to the "next game" in each game's page? As it is, we need to return to the "My Games" page if we want to jump to the next game in the inbox. This would facilitate navigation.


  2. 28 Dec '07 20:14
    Just to make sure you are aware of this...

    If you are making a move, before you click the submit button, there is a link below it that says "After move preference". Follow that link and you can tell it to automatically send you to you next waiting game after each move.

    There are also links down there that say "Skip this game for now" and "Go to next waiting game".

    Now, if you are wanting to browse through games that are not waiting for your move, I don't think that is available.