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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    28 Jan '05 11:45
    "Burn? What are you on about man?"

    This is my name for some long delayed work which requires reengineering core parts of RHP. This work impacts code I edit only with extreme care...and therefore a complete rewrite has a high risk associated with it. (This is the reason I am forming the beta team, any bugs in this new code could be catastrophic if released to all.)

    Anyway, the benefit to this work is that it will allow me to provide new interfaces to RHP - starting with a PDA/Mobile friendly version first, and then XML interfaces which will result in a very nice Flash client. All the XML interfaces will be documented here and I will encourage and provide support for anyone wishing to develop their own client.

    My focus at the moment revolves around the board itself and the 'my games' page but over time I will make the whole site accessible via these interfaces. I know privately I have been speaking about this for ages (and I probably have mentioned it here a few times too) but this is really happening now.

  2. Standard member Hegemon
    A Lost Bobby
    03 Mar '05 13:20
    Russ, I am particularly interested in the progress of this project, especially with regards to the XML scripts, which I want for the development of The Lost Bobby's clan page.

    I would be happy to assist in testing (though I am not a programmer).

    In any case, can you provide us with progress updates?
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    15 Mar '05 15:54
    At the moment, I am being sucked into the new board code. This is still some way from release - but it does open up the code for the new interfaces.

  4. 18 Mar '05 23:54

    This is great news. I look forward to being able to view my boards and make moves via my mobile phone in the near future. Have any developers expressed interest in creating a mobile client for RHP?

    I just purchased an Audiovox smart phone (Windows Mobile) and I was going to look for a phone client to internet chess solution.

  5. 09 Sep '05 14:37

    So what's going on with this?
  6. 09 Sep '05 18:48
    Given enough, well, I'll be honest: inverse-lazyness, I can try my best to work on parts of an interface if you would like. I'm familiar with embedded visual C/++, in case I can help at all with a pda version.