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Developers Forum

  1. 01 Jan '07 19:33
    Hello. Recently (before I subscribed) I emailed the admins of the possibility of adding Chess960 to RHP. Russ (I believe it was Russ) responded and said it should make its appearance within a couple of months in an unrated format.

    Thats great, and it was the deciding factor for me joining RHP over the ICC.

    However, if at all possible and I don't see why it wouldn't be fairly simple to implement, can we not have a seperate rated version of chess960/FRC, and tournaments as well?

    Those of you familiar with the ICC know that your account carries several different ratings.

    Chess960/FRC is a great game, and it's only growing in popularity.

    No sensible person would quit RHP for adding it in a rated version, I do know a couple of my friends who would consider leaving the ICC if RHP added it in a rated format.

    They, as I, like to play rated wild games, especially FRC.

    Anyway, I know FRC is coming, I just wanted to make my request known before it's all been finalized for the unrated version.

    Thank you.