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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. 13 Mar '08 16:44
    I'm looking for the following feature:
    A public anaylze board which can be shared by more than two players and there all
    players can make moves. First player who wants to move for white or black should get the permission to move the piece. It should be possible that the same player can make multiple moves in a row. I must be possible to set up a arbitrary position.
    The board should be considered as an digital copy of an public chess board in a municipal park or something similiar where people say: "Ok let us examine this cool endgame by Capablanca !" Is the idea clear ?
    For the background: With this kind of software it would be possible to do some real chess training online.
    During the last year I analyzed with a colleague in out lunch hour a lot of endgames at a physical board.
    Because he is not longer in our office building we play now GAMES online.
    Bit this is not the thing we would really like to do.
    A chess board like suggested above would serve our desires much more !

    What do the developers think about such a feature ?
  2. 11 Oct '08 21:21 / 1 edit
    This is a fantastic idea.
    Guys from my real life club are starting to appear on here and this would be a great feature