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Developers Forum

  1. Standard member thire
    27 Jul '04 22:15
    Dear RHP community,
    some months ago I thought that a Interface for playing RHP games would be wonderful.
    Why should I - as always - ask Russ to make one for us?
    I am a student with no real programming experience. But... why not?
    Many different mobile devices do understand JAVA, or, to be more exact, a tiny version of it.
    You can create MIDlets, which are very similar to JAVA-Applets, but they are made for mobile devices.
    The mobile phone connects via Over The Air (Internet) connection to the RHP server, reads some xml-stuff and displays all actual boards of your waiting games.
    I started to try that and it turned out to be perhaps a bit too complicated for me (I never wrote a real JAVA proggy before).
    Some moths ago I sent it to Russ, to get an idea of what he thinks about it. He did not tell me yet what he thinks, but I guess he saw that this is totally unprofessional - contrary to this wonderful site - and he/we will not be able to use it.

    So why do I write about all that?
    Perhaps one of you guys liks my idea and wants to developp such a piece of software!
    Or you want to throw an eye on my 0.0.3 alpha Version and debugg it. If you are willing to do so - bad decision Nope, I doubt that this makes a lot of sense, as I fear not to work anymore on this code. The code-comments are a mixture of German and English, so it will get complicated...
    I see you did not stop reading yet, so I tell you, where you can download all that:
    * the Midlet's jad-file under
    * the Midlet's jar-file under
    * the whole source code under
    right now I know about a bug with the saving and loading of games.

    If you are interested, I hope that you want to write a totally new Midlet (Midlets are not the only solution! But they can be used for PDAs as well.) Perhaps I can help you with some basics about what kind of JAVA to use and how to complile things in this tiny JAVA-version. Just contact me...

    Okay then, good night guys,