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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. 20 Jul '07 02:59
    Hi - I'm new to this forum, and have browsed some of the older posts.

    Has anyone written a client program that collects many RHP games into a PGN file (probably via web page scraping)? Just wondering if some people have done so for their own purposes, and/or whether any such databases of RHP games have then been made publicly available?
  2. 12 Aug '07 06:46
    I would not think there is anything like that. You could use a database like the one I made with the free chessbase light That is far superior to the style browser.
  3. Subscriber gregajonline
    Grega Jesih
    23 Sep '07 10:33
    Let me share my experience: I love rhp. Actually I prefer the timeforchess skin better. First I wanted to develop an offline client. Then i used the pgn download interface for a handheld. Finally I bought htc athena. Today I'm satisfyed, but in the future I might try combining tytn phone and umpc. So the bottomline is exactly what siteowners are betting on: we'll get online sooner or later.
  4. 03 Jan '08 13:55
    I have a small perl script for extracting all the games of an individual. Message me if u need it