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Developers Forum

  1. 24 Feb '10 14:55
    I have written a simple "games waiting" notification application for the Mac (Leopard and above). It displays an icon in the status bar with the number of games. It is available on my website:

    There are similar applications available for Windows, and Linux I believe, but I could not find any for the Mac so I decided to write my own.

    The application uses the gameswaitingcount_xml.php interface to the site. Refresh interval is initially 1 minute, backing off to to 30 minutes when idle.

    Russ, I sent a message about this a few months ago. If there are any problems with this application being released please let me know.

    I hope this will be of some use to people. Any feedback will be appreciated. At the moment the app only supports the main site but I will add support for the other sites if there is demand.