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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. Standard member thire
    24 Nov '03 09:11
    It is possible to the MyGames via wap (Russ has to create a little wap-page) and then to download the fen-strings of all wating games?

    I think of a midlet (for Java-mobile phones) that does this for me and in which the FEN-string is made visible (like a very little chess GUI) and after archiving made my decision I can send my moves (again with the midlet) to RHP.

    Any keen Java-midlet-programmers out there?


    ps: for more about mobile phones and (free chess) games see:
  2. Standard member thire
    02 Dec '03 14:53
    some time ago there was a thread about PDA and wap interfaces:
    for me personally this becomes more interesting since I owe a mobile phone.
    anyone else interested?
  3. Standard member crythias
    Multiple OS User
    15 Apr '04 02:28
    I'm interested, although with all the protection vs cross site scripting vulnerabilities, it becomes imperative that the connection is on the same site as rhp.

    I, too want to wap chess. I would love to do that, but the concern is how to strip out everything but login and game list. A third party interface would work nicely, but the RHP code may frown on all the logins coming from one IP address (the wap parser)...

    OTOH, maybe Avantgo is the way to go for this...