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Developers Forum

Developers Forum

  1. 03 Oct '04 13:32
    I was just looking at how me members are doing and realized that some of them have not moved in over a month, or a long time. So i was wondering if we could get something to show the clan leader the last time our members moved, it woquld really help out, espicailly when they don't put there vacation sign up or make themselves unavailable.
    If oyu like this idea please reccommend so that it might happen thanks
    Brad Esta
    Leader of the Teen and Young People clan
  2. 03 Oct '04 15:39 / 1 edit
    Nevermind. Not very awake at the moment...
  3. 03 Oct '04 18:49 / 1 edit
    WHAT you posted it in 4 forums......................