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Developers Forum

  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    16 Aug '05 20:26
    Anyone using this for source control? I had convinced myself there was not a Windows build of the server last time I looked into it, and there is! (It just doesn't work on win9x/ME)

    Anyway, if you dislike CVS as much as I do, then give it a look. No more CVS for me!

  2. 16 Aug '05 21:57
    I run SVN on my server at home and it runs like a champ. Combined with Tortoise as an explorer based client it's the best free source control setup for windows. I still don't like the idea that you don't really check out files for working on but so far it hasn't been a problem.
  3. 22 Aug '05 19:14
    At my work I am currently in the process of finding a new version control system to replace our current one (Visual Source Safe). But since I have been on holiday, I have the things not clear in my head. I will look it up and come back to it later this week.

    But I do remember that Tortoise and SubVersion are on my list and that I already looked into them.

    I'll be back.
  4. 23 Aug '05 11:26
    I work with a number of developers spread out across the country. Gotta love VPN's. Anyways...

    We have been using sourcegear's "the vault" for quite a while and I have found it to be simply fantastic. "For developers who are "fed up" with SourceSafe." It uses SQL Server for its backend and is not free, but if you are looking for something to move to from sourcesafe, then check it out.

  5. 25 Aug '05 20:38
    I run a network at a small firm in CT; about 25 PCs. I am also one of the two SW engineers. You know "mutliple hats" and what-not.

    Anyway, we've used everything from manual SCM to CVS to Subversion.

    I _love_ it and would run it anywhere I could. It's proven to be fast (for our code bases of embedded VisualC++ projects) and reliable.

    I tend to use it "personally" for various perl and other things I simply want a record of.

    Plus, TortoiseSVN is just a godsend!