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  1. Standard member thire
    12 Jun '06 09:35
    I have three radiobuttons in a group. None of them is checked by default. If I check one of them, I can't uncheck it anymore, but I just need this. I thought of a little JavaScript that looks if the button was checked before when you click it and if it was checked, it toggles it (unchecks it).
    I never did anything with javascript, but I tried to to this, but I faild. Can anybody help me?
  2. Subscriber ouroborosonline
    Digital Alchemist
    12 Jun '06 14:49 / 3 edits
    Put this into the head of the page:

    [ script ]
    var state = new Array;

    function radio(button) {
    if (state[] && state[] == button.value) {
    button.checked = false;
    state[] = '';
    else {
    button.checked = true;
    state[] = button.value;

    return true;

    [/ script ]

    In the body of your page you'd use:

    [ input type="radio" name="group" value="a" onclick="radio(this);" ] option a
    [ input type="radio" name="group" value="b" onclick="radio(this);" ] option b
    [ input type="radio" name="group" value="c" onclick="radio(this);" ] option c

    Where the square brackets are replaced by angle brackets in the HTML tags.
  3. Standard member thire
    12 Jun '06 15:15
    WOW, simply perfect.
    I try to contribute this to the project online php script for leagues, see the german forum