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  1. Standard member Hegemon
    A Lost Bobby
    11 May '05 11:54
    I have essentially two websites. The Lost Bobby's and my personal site. The lost bobby's is just one folder within the personal site.

    The personal site already has a domain name.

    I just got a domain name for the lost bobby's, specifically:

    I have linked www.thelostbobbys to the folder, so anyone typing in the this URL will go to the right site. However, I have two options: URL masking or none.

    - none - means that even though you type in, it takes you to the right folder, but displays the entire folder address rather than I don't want my personal site being recognised.

    - URL masking - means that it will always show but unfortunately, it seems to cause problems. for example: In the PHPBB forum, it won't update the flag of posts that you have read as opposed to haven't read. Another problem is that using this url I can't login to the maintenance functions of the main site (to edit lost bobbys members, challenges etc.) I have to use the full address and login that way (just annoying)

    I don't know how to get around this. Can anyone help?