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Developers Forum

  1. Donation !~TONY~!
    29 Apr '04 12:34
    I am doing a project in VB 2 at my school but need a new dialog box, and I don't think it's a common dialog box. How do I do it!? I figure this is the forum where people will know.....
  2. 30 Apr '04 17:22
    Are you sure you're using VB version 2??? That's old.... very old...

    I started VB from ver 3 so I'm not sure about the earlier versions...
  3. Subscriber Crowley
    Not Aleister
    01 May '04 11:17
    Sheesh, I've only recently started using VB (ver 5 & 6). Why are you using v2?

    OK, what do you mean you need a new dialog? What's the context?
    Info! Info!
  4. Donation !~TONY~!
    03 May '04 01:40
    NO GUYS! We use VB 6, but you see, their is a beginner class called VB and the follow up VB 2! I just need a "new" dialog box because the program that we are working with uses a Save As common dialog box. It just bothers me that when you click File-> New that a Save as box comes up. Cheesiness. It basically just opens a random access file. I will bring up some code tomorrow when I go to school!
  5. 03 May '04 13:54
    I see... I think your using that activex dialog control that helps you save/open files and stuff.

    What I do when I want my own dialog box is simply to create a new form in the project... Suppose it's call form1.

    Then on the main form on whatever event you want to open the new dialog, just type
  6. Subscriber Crowley
    Not Aleister
    10 May '04 20:11
    In VB -> Press ctrl-t, check the box 'Microsoft Common Dialog Control'
    Add a dialog component to your form, Give it a title like 'Open' and then call the dialog's showopen (commondialog1.showopen) function.

    Hope this is what you're looking for.
  7. 01 Jun '04 11:52
    If you use the actual API calls as opposed to using a wrapper such as the Common Dialog control, I think you can change the title of the window and also the "OK" button's text... actually, I am not sure.
  8. Standard member VBJonC
    Ultra Cool Super Guy
    16 Jul '04 23:09
    the common dialog box in VB is extreemly versatile. it has mnay flags that can be set that will allow for doing what you want without hitting the API or anything. Do a google for VB common dialog flags. Its out there.