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Posers and Puzzles421 Mar '18 09:32wolfgang59Ponderable
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Crab eating a bowl of noodles818 Mar '18 20:11vivifyTorunn
Alcohol,Marijuana and Chess918 Mar '18 14:04Eliezerdivegeester
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UK on brink of Civil War6917 Mar '18 17:52wolfgang59Ghost of a Duke
Stalemate or lose?1717 Mar '18 08:42divegeesterAshiitaka
Do old people work at Google?917 Mar '18 01:32vanderveldeTrev33
Rogue ski-lift in Georgia117 Mar '18 00:36wolfgang59wolfgang59
RIP John Barlow916 Mar '18 22:17FMFvandervelde
overlook4716 Mar '18 15:46apathistGreat Big Stees
An intellectual616 Mar '18 00:38vanderveldeTrev33
Beware of the spelling and grammar Bolsheveki.216 Mar '18 00:07WOLFE63lemon lime
winter is over515 Mar '18 22:50apathistkaroly aczel
connecting cities65915 Mar '18 17:56lemondropGreat Big Stees
Amnesty International715 Mar '18 10:34Christopher AlbonChristopher Albon
Sugar1015 Mar '18 01:23karoly aczelapathist
Notable death14814 Mar '18 18:51PonderableWOLFE63
What are you listening to?195014 Mar '18 17:34drewnogalTorunn
Behold11314 Mar '18 15:52PonderablePonderable
On this day15914 Mar '18 15:51wolfgang59Ponderable
assault214 Mar '18 14:26apathistkaroly aczel
Admit, you dirty snitch and tattle tale!1614 Mar '18 11:52vanderveldePonderable