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Dean Koontz and science1729 Nov '17 13:40ogbsonhouse
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Transmogrification into a banana2629 Nov '17 07:13Pianoman1Pianoman1
Stealing cars without keys, hacking it:1128 Nov '17 21:11sonhousesonhouse
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the toughest forum on RHP6922 Nov '17 21:30lemondropPonderable
Mother Nature is a man.6122 Nov '17 17:57drewnogalapathist
every game move322 Nov '17 09:49Mary578Russ
Brexit, Trump & Ranieri821 Nov '17 12:26FMFvandervelde
Childbirth deaths in US220 Nov '17 11:47wolfgang59huckleberryhound
When you realise the game is lost...2920 Nov '17 09:17divegeesterdrewnogal
Bill Bryson3020 Nov '17 03:22FMFcoquette
Firefox Quantum319 Nov '17 16:56SuzianneShallow Blue
Collateral damage (in movies)218 Nov '17 16:18vanderveldeJS357
New help against robo-calls:1118 Nov '17 13:58sonhousemwmiller
Impossible challenge23118 Nov '17 08:36coquettePonderable