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People are awesome115 Nov '17 00:56wolfgang59wolfgang59
Louis CK. I just don't get it.2614 Nov '17 14:36huckleberryhoundhuckleberryhound
Bureacracy ?413 Nov '17 19:02wolfgang59wolfgang59
What you like/dislike about the RHP forums.1113 Nov '17 16:00drewnogalwhodey
Incredibly detailed ancient carved stone:1213 Nov '17 12:56sonhousesonhouse
Teachers in US1213 Nov '17 00:29wolfgang59wolfgang59
I have just become a Taxi Driver2409 Nov '17 12:58huckleberryhoundCaptain Strange
Trump in hiding!509 Nov '17 09:52wolfgang59wolfgang59
Strange resemblance...!108 Nov '17 18:44vanderveldevandervelde
how would you prefer to die?7208 Nov '17 15:06apathistGreat Big Stees
stoned vs drunk8207 Nov '17 14:38apathistGreat Big Stees
Conspiracy Theory1307 Nov '17 14:31Paul A RobertsGreat Big Stees
Brill Biscon407 Nov '17 14:07divegeesterFMF
Scam Emails2607 Nov '17 13:10drewnogalPaul A Roberts
Has Janell's teacher lost his marbles?1506 Nov '17 01:13FMFlemon lime
POTUS Asia holiday105 Nov '17 18:52wolfgang59wolfgang59
Best movie all time.19104 Nov '17 22:25chaney3Torunn
halloween2201 Nov '17 23:54apathistkaroly aczel
Greatest of all time1901 Nov '17 09:56Ponderablewolfgang59
WiFi vulnerability, needs quick fix to stop att...1331 Oct '17 07:06sonhousemoonbus
Who do you travel to open tournaments with?330 Oct '17 15:41vanderveldemghrn55
New Star Wars is out528 Oct '17 07:04whodeyVelns
Hotmail changed again626 Oct '17 14:48vanderveldevandervelde
A fable written by my grandson, Caleb.825 Oct '17 14:53sonhousesonhouse
Man killed by rock dropped off bridge125 Oct '17 12:38sonhousesonhouse
New date, Earth ends Oct. 15, 2017:)2925 Oct '17 12:27sonhousesonhouse
Child Brides in US825 Oct '17 07:16wolfgang59Torunn
Speakers on a train station424 Oct '17 05:11vanderveldePonderable
Do any of you play video games?4222 Oct '17 15:56vivifyShallow Blue
Oscar Wilde revived8522 Oct '17 09:51hakimaTorunn