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Help Forum

  1. Donation Luck
    11 Mar '03 02:23
    Why cannot we use the notebook function when it is not our turn to make the move. I am many times looking at the games, come up with new ideas, but I cannot make the annotation since it is not my turn to move!
    I think we should be able to make notes in the notepad regardless who is making the move!


    a.k.a. Luck
  2. Standard member Varg
    11 Mar '03 14:29
    I agree! Often I make a move, look at the new board set up and think of a great manouvre (?) but cannot make a note of it.
    Also, with regard to thire's post - the message opponent and notes buttons are too close. Once I nearly sent an opponent my devious tactical plan 😉
  3. 11 Mar '03 15:46
    I agree completely.
  4. Standard member thire
    11 Mar '03 16:40
    Originally posted by jgvaccaro
    I agree completely.
    [X] detto...