1. Subscribervenda
    18 Apr '10
    23 Jun '20 19:031 edit
    I know automated timeouts for tournaments is a programme that is run periodically and I know about the "2 day grace period"
    I always have my filter set on "my move" so unless I take the trouble to look , I rarely see skulls.
    Today I recieved a message that I have won 2 games by automatic timeout.
    However , when I look on the list of all my current games I see 2 more skulls for games I have won by timeout.
    My question is how often does the automatic timeout programme run and assuming the two remaining games are within the "grace period" will thet disappear shortly or stop there until the next time the programme runs?(assuming my opponent doesn't move)
    The games don't really matter to me , as I am out of the tournament anyway but unless I take the skulls it will hold up the next round.
    The games are Game 13668212 and Game 13668219

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