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Standard memberdsdkyk
Help 28 Aug '19 15:31
  1. Florida, United
    02 Aug '16
    28 Aug '19 15:31
    How do I change my password. Under settings it says "You may update your password below or leave blank to continue with your existing password." But when I try to so it, it instructs me to use the old password which gets me nowhere.
  2. Donationmwmiller
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    25 Feb '01
    28 Aug '19 20:061 edit

    Are you trying to do this from a computer or some other device?
    What browser are you using?

    I just tried it from my laptop, running windows 7 and firefox.
    First you need to go to 'my settings/ account settings'.
    From there you can change your email address and your password.

    It finally worked for me but the procedure was a little confusing.
    Maybe it would be more clear if the instruction on the right said "enter your new password here, then re-enter it again in the next box down"
    Something like that anyway.

    Some sites do require that you first enter your current password, and once you do that you proceed to changing to a new one.

    But not here.
    In this case you start by clearing all data/dots in the first password box and typing in a new password.
    Then you go to the next box down and enter your new password again.
    Then you click the update button at the bottom of the page.
    That worked for me.

    A window pops up to allow you to save the new password in the browser. (With firefox, anyway.) I don't know if other browsers have that same feature but suspect they all do.

    Hopefully this info will be helpful. 🙂
  3. Florida, United
    02 Aug '16
    29 Aug '19 19:36

    Thank you very much for your reply. I am using a desk top, windows 7, and Chrome. While I have limited time to try it this minute, I will try it later, first on Chrome and failing that, Firefox. With this amount of detail, I hope to be successful. Again, thanks a lot. Doug