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Help Forum

  1. 04 Jan '05 14:20
    Hi folks. I just joined this site, and one other, and have realised that I am now playing more simultaneous games than ever before. Anyone else find this kind of thing addictive? (In a good way?)

    Also, I picked up a couple of viruses on my computer today, which I haven't had in a while. They didn't come from here did they? (I am not accusing anyone, I am just trying to find out where they came from!)

  2. Standard member Saint Nick
    Pimp of the elves
    04 Jan '05 15:08
    Most of us do find it addictive.
    You start out with a few games, then your opponents aren't moving and you want ot play, so you take on more games....and the cycle continues..
    Pretty soon you're asking yourself how you got 50 games going.

    I've been on here for awhile and have never seen any indications of a virus. Since no downloads are required for any of the RHP websites, I don't see any way you could have gotten here.
  3. Standard member Nyxie
    The eyes of truth
    05 Jan '05 03:11
    This site has always been clean of virus or bad script for me. I've never had a problem, no bells ever go off here like on yahoo chess or stuff.
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    05 Jan '05 14:17
    I can assure you no virus came from this site. Think carefully about email attachments you have opened and applications you have downloaded recently.