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Help Forum

  1. 04 Jul '01 00:28
    I recently posted a question concerning claiming victory as I have
    several games that are almost complete and all but "won". Since my
    opponents choose not to moveafter the timeoutperiod how do
    I "Claim Vctory"? Please repy.
  2. 04 Jul '01 02:32
    While viewing the listing of your current games, click on MANAGE GAMES. Your list of current games will appear again but this time with little squares to the right. If you can claim a victory, there will be a square for you to check beside the appropriate game.
  3. 04 Jul '01 10:59
    Thanks I will look for the box
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    06 Jul '01 08:50
    In fact, it is a little 'shield' icon that appears. Only when a claim is
    possible though.

    You don't need to be on the manage games screen, just the
    default 'your games' view.