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Help Forum

  1. Standard member thire
    13 Dec '03 13:17
    is it possible to have some more links? i'd like to have a link in the gamehistory back to the game. and a link to the pgncutandpaste not just from the infolink in mygames. (BTW: I wouldn't mind if I could leave out this info-link, sothat the mygames page is much smaler. but it could be interesting to have something like a gameinfo page where I see who started the game and when this was... something like that existed some time before, no? perhaps you integrate that information in the pgncutandpaste)
    and the other thing is: perhaps some people are interested in a flip board feature. I saw that it already exists in the print page, so I suppose that the code already exists.
    just some little things that could help a lot.
    marry christmas 😉
  2. Standard member thire
    15 Dec '03 16:18
    ...and you could put the message log on that page, too.
    smal and easy: RHP 😉
  3. 15 Dec '03 17:08
    Yup yup !
    Flip board is very high on my wish list ! Definitely !

    And instead of seeing the title of each game, i wish i had the possibility to add a small note to each game.
    That would be a great feature !
    I would be able to sort my ongoing games, e g by opening ,
    by opponent's player style, by originality.

    Titles are fun too, but it would make more sense to give a game a title post mortem.

    Cheers !