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    09 Feb '10
    24 Apr '20 00:00
    My former neighbor, age 93, just recently moved into a nursing home right before quarantine. He loves this site, has played for years, and is missing it terribly at the present time. It's been a pretty isolating time for he and his wife so I am trying to assist him and get him back to playing chess.

    I removed my last post on this because the problem was explained to me incorrectly. The real issue it seems is that he can no longer log into RHP because once he moved into his new place, he got a new email address. Right before this, he forgot his RHP password, requested it be reset, but now does not have access to his old email...he can't remember how to get into it.

    So I'm not quite sure what to tell him. He does NOT want to start up with a brand new player name. He wants to continue playing under his same name. But he can't reset his RHP password again because he cannot remember how to log into his old email acct -the one linked to his RHP acct. Can RHP send him a new password to his new email account? Is this possible?

    Any suggestions?
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    21 Feb '01
    24 Apr '20 00:29

    Please send feedback (link at bottom of page) with the old and new email address and the account name, and I'll see what can be done.
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    25 Feb '01
    24 Apr '20 00:38

    Removed by poster

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    24 Apr '20 03:34

    Thanks so much for anything you can do for him. I sent his info via "Feedback" form.

    Greatly appreciate you looking into this 🙂
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