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Help Forum

  1. Standard member MIODude
    me, not you
    09 Apr '05 00:36
    When analyzing my games, sometimes it puts *** and then I can't see the rest of the game notation... How can I see the rest? or.. does anyone know what I mean?
  2. 09 Apr '05 00:46
    If you turn on the training option before you hit analyse then it does that. Theres 3 options, one is graphical, the other is training and can't remember what the other one was, verbose i think? anyways, you can go through the anaylsis and when u hit the *** part it asks you to guess the move. Like its a quiz and if u guess right then u get points or somehting like that. I didn't like it to much cus it takes forever to go through the analysis so i turned that options off...

    on the chessbase site, they have a support site where they answer questions and stuff and have montly articles on chessbase products. you should check those out...
  3. Standard member MIODude
    me, not you
    09 Apr '05 15:57
    Thanks., I wasn't aware of that.. I tried searching all over chessbase but couldn't find anything on the notation like that.

    I'll disable that training too, I'm just using it to enter all my games in the db analyzed for now..
  4. 09 Apr '05 21:59

    checkout that website. they have helpful hint and explain the options better. on the left hand side it says T-notes and a year...look through those. it explains the analysis option better.