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    06 May '10
    02 Oct '20 20:05
    All correspondence chess sites that I've played on allow players to refer to databases of human games and chess books while they're playing a game. I'm assuming that this is OK here as well, but I just wanted to check. I searched the FAQ, but wasn't able to find anything about this. I think that it is important that this is made clear. It was quite a while before I learned that this is part of correspondence chess, and it would have been good to know this from the start.
  2. Donationmwmiller
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    25 Feb '01
    02 Oct '20 23:02

    At the bottom of the page is a link to "Terms of Service."

    If you read it, you will find this in section 3. (b).

    While a game is in progress you may not refer to chess engines, chess computers or be assisted by a third party. Endgame tablebases may not be consulted during play but you may reference books, databases consisting of previously played games between human players, and other pre-existing research materials.
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    06 May '10
    16 Oct '20 16:03
    Thank you for bringing that to my attention.