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  1. 16 Dec '13 02:16 / 1 edit
    Had a couple of recent games v S.G.
    He set up a grand simul on the Open Invites and I took a couple.
    Not entirely fair as it was my two games v his 40+.

    He was moving fast in these games, I kept up with him but as we live
    in different time zones. I was left looking and cooking at the board
    whilst he was sleeping.

    Amongst Latvian Gambit players there is the saying:

    “…and if the Black King reaches a6 it is safe.”

    This note followed analysis in one of the ultra sharp lines.

    Where White sacs a chess set and Black has to dodge all kinds of banana skins.
    But if he can get the King to a6 he should be safe. (well so they say).

    My Black was a Latvian, we both avoided this line but halfway through
    trying to dig myself out of a wretched looking position I sent the King to a6.

    Somehow, by Blog coincidence, it went into a Rook ending which I am sure S.G. misplayed.
    (two blogs and I am now an expert on Rook endings!).
    I consider S.G’s (38. Rgf7)

    a mistake, it gave me hope and actually woke me up to the potential in my position.
    I was expecting a long slog defence, my one semi-active Rook v his two
    very active Rooks 38. Rgf7 chopping a Rook just looked wrong.
    He could have squeezed a lot more out of that position before trading down.

    Then S.G. moving too fast made a blunder. (42. Ka1 ) It must be because everything
    I looked at after that seemed to give me wins.

    Swiss Gambit - Greenpawn 2013

  2. Subscriber moonbus
    16 Dec '13 19:36 / 1 edit
    Below, a taste of what can go wrong if the Black king does not migrate to a6. Credit to my opponent: he avoided my trap, I fell into his....

    moonbus - KilgoreTrout15, RHP
    (notes by not-Tartakower)

  3. 17 Dec '13 16:49 / 3 edits
    It is not surprise Black got stomped. He was playing a Giuoco Piano....

    1.e4 e5
    2.Nf3 Nc6
    3.Bc4 f5

    ...and who ever heard of running your King to a6 in the Giuoco Piano?

    1.e4 e5
    2.Nf3 f5
    3.Bc4 fxe4

    And Black decides whether to play 4....d5!? or Qg5?! (the King to a6 line.)

    Those trying not to get involved in a stramsh often reply 5.Bb3 to 4....d5 Then 5....Qg5 is a !.