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  1. 28 Oct '17 10:58 / 2 edits
    Still trying learn how to post a finished game here. Please help me find an improvement on my recently lost game. I hope one of these works


    [GameId "12258664"]

    8/8/2k2p1p/p2p2p1/P2K2P1/4P2P/8/8 w - - 1 41

    1. c4 e5 2. Nb1c3 Bf8b4 3. g3 Bb4xc3 4. bxc3 Ng8f6 5. Bf1g2 O-O 6. Ng1f3 d6 7. O-O c5 8. d3 e4 9. Nf3g5 exd3 10. exd3 Bc8f5 11. Bg2xb7 Nb8d7 12. Bb7xa8 Qd8xa8 13. Rf1e1 h6 14. Ng5f3 Bf5g4 15. Kg1g2 Nd7e5 16. Re1e3 g5 17. Qd1e2 Bg4h5 18. h3 Bh5xf3 19. Re3xf3 Ne5xf3 20. Qe2xf3 Nf6d7 21. Qf3xa8 Rf8xa8 22. Ra1b1 Nd7e5 23. d4 cxd4 24. cxd4 Ne5xc4 25. Rb1b4 Ra8c8 26. Rb4b7 a5 27. g4 d5 28. Rb7b5 Nc4d6 29. Rb5c5 Rc8xc5 30. dxc5 Nd6c4 31. c6 Kg8f8 32. Bc1e3 Nc4xe3 33. fxe3 Kf8e7 34. c7 Ke7d7 35. c8=Q Kd7xc8 36. Kg2f2 Kc8c7 37. Kf2e2 Kc7c6 38. Ke2d3 Kc6d6 39. Kd3d4 f6 40. a4 Kd6c6 0-1
  2. 28 Oct '17 11:29 / 1 edit
    Game 12258664

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  3. 28 Oct '17 12:31 / 3 edits

    The game for comparison--->>
    Kasparov vs. Karpov 0:1 (1987)

  4. 28 Oct '17 17:36
    I like grabbing the exchange.
    13. Re1 is allowing deadly binding.

    With 13. f3 you secure returning place for your Knight on e4. It looks so blunt and "too obvious", though.

    You could also force Queen-exchange at the price of one Pawn with 13. Qf3 and then try to cash extra exchange in in the ending.

    13. Bf4 was my first impulse, but it requires calculation.
  5. 28 Oct '17 20:03
    I have to go out but quickly here (Black to play)

    You have got a reversed Rossolimo v The Sicilian (3.Bb5) a tempo
    up, here an annoying move is 3.Na4 with a3 and b4 ideas.

    Play it like a Sicilian reversed (a6 is always a handy and often
    good move in the Sicilian. You get in a3 with tempo) .
    Just a quick idea, not seen the whole game.
  6. Subscriber moonbus
    01 Nov '17 16:31 / 1 edit
    27. g4 was criminal. Freezes your own K-side pawns.

    29. Rxd5 etc. was better than Rc5
  7. 29 Nov '17 09:07
    There are simply too many inaccuracies to comment, but, for the first time,
    white could have played much better with 3. Nd5.
    If 3...Be7 4.Ne7 almost wins the game for white, I have analysed this extensively, the pair of bishops are decisive here.
    If 3...Bc5/a5, then 4.b4 wins you a precious tempo.
    The much better way to meet the English is 1...c5, the Symmetrical, as Fischer knew very well.