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  1. e4
    06 May '08
    18 Dec '20 23:17
    Hi congruent,

    I've done it myself, it can happen, let's give the benefit of doubt - It's Christmas.
  2. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    19 Dec '20 05:102 edits
    @congruent said
    @GP a genuine mistake is different from deliberate actions because in the former one should be humble rather than being arrogant/proud.

    If one had made a "mistake", then one shouldn't be pouting and having tantrums, then claiming to be attacked etc like a kiddie. This is kindergarten behaviour.
    The obsessed hateful troll Congruent keeps blatantly lying about what I did or wrote.
    Note that RHP has deleted the troll thread that Congruent created in the Debates
    forum for the sole purpose of spewing his hate and lies against me.

    Blood on the Tracks wrote to Congruent:
    "I find your constant flogging of this deceased steed to be extremely odd.
    D64 posted by error in the wrong forum, did all that they could to delete/correct the error.
    Why should any of us disagree/not accept that?
    What possible motive does D64 have for leaving a thread title, with no posts? Let it go."
    --Blood on the Tracks to Congruent

    "Creating a single thread in the wrong forum is accidental. I've done it myself
    and it's annoying that I can't at least close the thread."

    Through his obsessive attacks in multiple forums, Congruent keeps showing that
    he apparently believes that I should be burned at the stake (not meant literally)
    because I had not the power to override RHP and erase accidental threads.
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